Friday, December 5, 2014

Physics Day: NSTA Presentation Description

Today is Physics Day at NSTA! Don't miss it! Information on my presentation is below:

NSTA Presentation: Electricity Videos

Over the years, I have created many movies featuring original demos about electricity and magnetism. 

Today at 3pm I am presenting these ideas at NSTA/CSTA in Long Beach, CA. I have compiled my videos on these topics into a list as a resource for teachers. See below:

Electric Field Via Crystals

5 Rules of the Electric Field

5 Rules of Conductors

Top Ten Plasma Globe Experiments

Links to Videos:

These videos are embedded above:

5 Rules of the Electric Field:

Top 10 Plasma Globe Experiments:

Watch these videos on YouTube:

Lettuce Seed Electric Fields:

10 Ways to See the Electric Field 1:

10 Ways to See the Electric Field 2:

Physics of the Leiden Jar:

Parallel & Series Circuits: