Monday, September 1, 2014

UV Light: Demos and Experiments

Ultraviolet Light: Demos & Experiments Video is organized into several sections, including Absorbing UV Light, Fluorescence and Ultraviolet Light, Three Colors of Ultraviolet Light (UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C), The Discovery of UV Light, the Mercury Spectrum, and Phosphorescence. 

Through this video, you will learn about UV (ultraviolet) light, and it might save your life. Why? Ultraviolet light is more energetic than regular light—we sometimes call it “ionizing radiation” because it has the power to ionize the electrons in molecules, like DNA, and cause damage. In the video, surely you will be interested to see an original sunblock demo!

Absorbing UV Light

UV light is invisible to us, but its energy can make other objects glow. You will see white socks glowing under UV light, but it is actually the detergent residue that glows, not the socks themselves.

It doesn’t always take UV light to make things glow. These liquids [below] will glow under a blue light, but not all will glow under a red light.

Blue and violet lights are different from other colors, because they are more energetic, higher in frequency. Their higher frequency light is absorbed and re-emited as lower energy light.

These plastic beads are sensitive to ultraviolet light, and below you will see them glowing and colorful and UV light and in sunlight.

However, you will see that under a pane of window glass [below], the beads no longer change color.

Flowers Transformed--Through an Insect's Eyes

The video is almost ten minutes long which makes it a double video, power-packed with information. You will want to pause and re-watch segments and demos. 

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