Friday, October 11, 2013

Spin a CD for the Color Spectrum

One of the first demos I ever performed during my student teaching days involved spinning a CD. 

Here is what you do:

Take a CD--color the top three different colors. Red, blue, and green. 

Make sure each color is allotted equal space on the top of the CD.

Place the CD in a CD player, one that has a clear window on the top. Or you can leave the lid open while the CD spins.

Once the CD is spinning, the colors will no longer appear distinctly on the CD top. 

Guess what color it will be? Exactly, you are right...WHITE. 

This demo is a quick and easy way to give a strong visual representation about the color spectrum. 

You have probably seen three lights projected onto a screen, red, blue, green, and where they overlap, you see white. This demo communicates the same idea.

If you are teaching about color and light, give this demo a spin!

Troubleshooting advice: if the color looks bluish or pinkish instead of white, adjust the ratio of colors until the CD spins white.

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