Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Great Julius Sumner Miller: Videos

I have posted a collection of Julius Sumner Miller Videos as part of the Video Series Collection at As you know, I use this website to curate a collection of classic physics videos and other videos that I think are worth watching for the audience of physics teachers.

I know you will find these videos both entertaining and informative.

About Julius Sumner Miller

He graduated with a Master’s degree in Physics from Boston University in the 1930s, and later went on to become a lively, memorable television personality for children’s science programs. He worked on "Great Moments in Science" and “Great Men of Science” for Walt Disney, for example, and starred as "Professor Wonderful" on the Mickey Mouse Club TV program.

You can see his photos on this vinyl record covers below:

In 1950, he enrolled at Princeton at the Institute for Advanced Studies, where he was a student and later lifelong friend of Albert Einstein.

During his life, Miller was a well-known Physics demonstrator from El Camino College in Southern California and elsewhere. He worked at El Camino College for over 20 years, from 1952 until his retirement in 1974. Check out the website for the Julius Sumner Miller Foundation, which offers grants.

A book cover for Enchanting Questions for Inquiring Minds, now called Millergrams
Watch his Videos!

This first video, called "The Idea of the Center of Gravity" is less than 15 minutes long and you will learn a lot.

A new teacher would do well to watch his lectures which are full of ideas and philosophy for physics teaching. He also published numerous books, including texts about physics demos.

Go to this link to watch the videos:

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