Monday, May 19, 2014

Light Up Your Day with the Study of Spectroscopy

Check out my most recently published video: "Behind the Scenes with Light and Color: Ten Great Demos" featured on Arbor Scientific's CoolStuff blog.

 This video is 12 minutes long and months in the making. It features a tool, the RSpec Explorer, that allows us to bring spectroscopy into the classroom and involve students, all at once, all together, in the study of spectroscopy. Students can see the light spectrum in many different ways using the RSpec Explorer, a digital spectrometer that is a camera that can see lots of cool things. I give you lots of tips about how to use this tool in the video.

 The video features many demos, including  one that shows a fundamental idea: white light is made of many different colors. Students do not just have to understand this on abstract level, but they can see it!

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