Friday, August 28, 2015

Share my new series with other teachers...

I created this informational flier for those who want to share the series with others. I will feature these videos on the blogs on certain days, but here is a list/overview of the entire series. 

Try This Experiment Right Now” video series is perfect for Back to School.

9 Original Videos starring Anna Spitz and writer/director James Lincoln provide examples of experiments you can perform immediately with just the cell phone in your pocket or the computer in front of you.

Many of these demos have never been seen or explained anywhere else! 

1.       See Your Retina   Teaches you how to look at the blood vessels in the back of your eye!

2.      Hear Ultrasonic  Connects you to an easy test to the upper limit of human hearing

3.      Easy Beats  shows how simple it is to demonstrate soundwave interference

4.      Up Down Dizzy  teaches about the inner ear and a new way to experience dizziness

5.      Audio Triangulation shows that the speed of sound in air is slower than you think

6.      Sing Happy Birthday reveals why Americans always start that song on the same note

7.      Hear Your Muscles a fun and easy way to find out what muscles sound like

8.      Newton’s Eye Poke a little known classic experiment from the master himself

9.      Credit Card Diffraction the easiest diffraction experiment you will ever do!

All the videos can be found at the AAPT Films Page: 

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