Monday, February 17, 2014

First Official Video: AAPT Films: Genecon Hand Crank Generator

I am excited to announce that the first official AAPT Films video is complete. 

You can watch the video here or just click play (below).

What is a genecon hand crank generator?

Here's how it works: you turn the handle and it generates current that you can use for anything you want, such as making a lightbulb glow.  The faster you crank, the higher the voltage output.  

My video covers awesome experiments that you can do using the hand crank generator. 

Some other tools you may need for the experiments will include:

1) a voltmeter

2) an ammeter

Let's Get Sustainable!

The genecon presents us with a chance to feel the cost of producing electric energy.  For example, if you hook one to a parallel circuit, you will appreciate that this circuit is using a lot of power, because you are the source of that power.  The more light bulbs that are screwed in, the more difficult it becomes to keep up with the demand.  

You can also appreciate how efficient LED lights are at producing energy, here I am easily able to power all of these LEDs.   If I send the current the other way, they don’t light up.  Cranking a genecon is an excellent way to communicate this message.  

Final Thoughts

All of the experiments you will see in the video make interactive lab stations for students. Every student should have the chance to generate electricity!

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  1. Thanks for all the great ideas. I think the use of the Genecon instead of batteries, as a means to introduce electricity, will be useful to my students--especially just coming out of a unit on energy.