Sunday, March 2, 2014

Mouse Can't Hide from Infrared Camera!

Today’s video illustrates a trick I have found to convert my thermographic camera into a video camera. The problem that most people face when buying an infrared camera is they want to make videos, but it is extremely expensive to buy a thermal video camera. However, you can use your digital video camera together with your thermal camera to create a video.

The image on the infrared camera, when placed in front of a high-quality digital camera, looks very good and this trick can save you thousands of dollars, especially necessary for filmmakers who are just starting out (with low budgets).

I illustrated this technique in the video below where a mouse tries to hide (unsuccessfully) from the camera. Take a look.

This video can teach the lesson that some plastics are transparent to infrared light but not visible light. It also shows that pictures can be made with infrared light (just like regular light), because infrared is just another form of electromagnetic radiation.

The video illustrates how the technology of infrared cameras can be applied to find hidden heat sources. For example, infrared cameras are often used by technicians and inspectors to ensure the safety and efficiency of a home; they can identify frayed wires (near circuit breakers, for example) and thermal leaks around windows and doors or the roof. For prophylactic maintenance, infrared cameras can find areas where water leaks or catch cold places where mold grows.

As you may know, police can use infrared security cameras to catch criminals or burglars in the home.

This is where I bought my infrared “thermal imager.”

If you are interested in the industrial and commercial uses or building diagnostics and inspection, you can read about these uses on the FLUKE website. Some students may be interested in learning more about how an abstract concept like infrared and the electrogmagnetic spectrum is applied on an everyday basis in practical tasks and applied careers. 


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