Saturday, January 3, 2015

InfraRed Experiments Made Awesome!

One of my original demos, using a thermographic camera. 
Above, the hand is brought into focus using a germanium lens. 

I will be giving an invited talk from 7:30-8pm on Monday night at the AAPT conference in San Diego. See details in the conference program as well. 

The focus of the presentation is infrared experiments made awesome, for high school and college students. You won't want to miss this because I will be sharing some just-invented original demos, never before seen ANYWHERE!

Date and Location: Monday, January 5th, Nautilus Hall 3: Along with other presentations about "Advanced Video Techniques," beginning at 7pm.

Presentation Description:
It's time that Infrared Light stopped being invisible! In this talk, I outline video and experimental techniques that make infrared light as real as visible light. I will address Near, Far, and Intermediate IR Light and vividly demonstrate several video and photographic techniques that you can replicate. Many of these demos are original, to be seen nowhere else! Special attention is paid to interactive engagement, direct measurements, and practical demonstrations for both the beginner and the advanced physics instructor. 

That's how I look through a thermographic camera!

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