Saturday, January 17, 2015

New Physics Teacher Workshop on Electricity and Magnetism

This Saturday, January 17, SCAAPT held the New Physics Teacher Workshop (NPTW) at Santa Monica College.

The science building (below)

The topic for today was Electricity and Magnetism for New Teachers, with a focus on hands-on demos and labs. Teachers received handouts about everything from circuits to magnetostatics.

Teachers received one of our best "goodie bags" ever. Leiden Jars, powerful magnets, and more (see photo above).

Participants received many free lab and demo materials, as well as helpful handouts. Breakfast and lunch were provided as well. If you want to attend our next workshop, join our email list by writing to LincolnPhysics at gmail dot com. It is likely that the workshop will be scheduled in April or May.

Special thanks to Xump for once again donating bags for the workshop!

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