Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The First Book Review: Physics for Future Presidents

Once in a while, I will post book reviews. I am an avid reader of physics texts as well as history of science books:

Physics for Future Presidents will make you a more informed citizen with a deeper understanding of the intersections between science and politics. With an accessible style and accurate information, Physics for Future Presidents explores the vital information our future citizens and leaders need to be scientifically literate and make informed political decisions. The text also includes historic anecdotes illustrating when science was applied in the political arena. For example, the development of Chinese nuclear power plants and weapons is discussed, with an emphasis on understanding the trajectory of nuclear energy development.

Physics for Future Presidents addresses all areas of physics, with a particular focus on energy. The book could be especially useful and appropriate for college physics courses for non-majors. I have used the book as part of my AP Environmental Science course. Indeed, the book grew out of a physics class taught at UC Berkeley by the author, who in the past consulted with presidents as a science expert. You can watch his lectures here. 

Whether you are a physics teacher, student, politician or simply a globally aware citizen, you will probably find this book interesting and useful.

Author Richard Muller’s website

More about his latest book: Energy for Future Presidents 

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