Friday, August 30, 2013

New Physics Teacher Workshop (NPTW)

On August 10th, I helped to run a professional development workshop called the New Physics Teacher Workshop, hosted by the Southern California chapter of the American Association for Physics Teachers. 

This workshop is for physics teachers who will begin to teach physics for the first time, or who are in their first few years of teaching physics. 

We highlight interactive demos, labs, and other helpful info. for new teachers. 

Sessions take place three times per year, and participants who attend all three sessions will earn a certificate. 

Each session focuses on a central topic, such as "Light and Waves" or "Electricity and Magnetism."

Presenters included me, James Lincoln, Chija Bauer, Bill Layton, and Frank Lee.

Upcoming Workshops

Saturday, December 7, 2013
@ CSU Long Beach
Topics: TBA

To RSVP, email James Lincoln at

Check out some of the action shots.

This is a simple demo illustrating that a heavy book and a piece of paper fall at the same rate (if you can get air resistance out of the way). Simply place the piece of paper on top of the book and drop. 

James (me) interacting with participants

Bill discussing how to use some very high-tech materials

Chija leads an interactive activity

If you're a new physics teacher, join us at our next workshop! 

RSVP to James Lincoln

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