Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The First Entry: An Introduction to My Blog

Welcome to my blog, Lincoln Physics. Thanks for stopping by!

What is the purpose of this blog?

To share resources, fun facts, excellent videos, teaching tips, lab and demo examples, and general advice for physics instructional design. The blog will also include book reviews, cool photos, and any physics musings on my mind.

Sometimes I will answer questions from my readers. I will share insights into common questions, issues or problems mentioned by teachers I meet at my SC-AAPT New PhysicsTeacher Workshop or conferences.

Why should you become a regular reader or follower of this blog?

Lincoln Physics is Engaging. Entertaining. Interactive.

This blog is for the physics teacher, professor, or physics enthusiast—even you, yeah you over there, who has just a passing curiosity in physics, but wants to learn more.

Who is your host on this journey into the blogosphere?

James Lincoln, an educator with a Master’s in Physics from Cal State Long Beach, a Master's of Education from UCLA and a B.S. in Physics from UCLA.

Here I am on "Mars," making a video on the Big Island of Hawaii
Can you guess where I am?

The two accomplishments I am most proud of right now are teaching for ten years—a whole decade! And leading the SC-AAPT New Physics Teacher Workshop.

Enough of that, this is a blog, not a resume—you will get to know me more as the blog entries pile up in a pyramid of brilliance. 

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