Sunday, March 16, 2014

EnCorps: Transitioning STEM Professionals into Teaching

Yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity to give a presentation to a group of EnCorps teachers entitled “Engaging Students in Science.” I thought some of my readers would be interested in this program. Maybe you know a STEM professional who is thinking about teaching as a career, or maybe you are a science teacher interested in mentoring someone who would like to enter the STEM teaching field. 

EnCorps  is a program that helps STEM professionals (who possess at least three years of experience in the STEM field) transition into full-time teaching positions. Potential teachers have the opportunity to tutor students in schools, guest-teach, and later work with a current teacher to receive mentorship. Guidance about obtaining a teaching credential is provided as well.

 This program was designed to meet the high need for STEM teachers, especially in disadvantaged communities. The website states that "California alone will require more than 33,000 math and science teachers over the next seven to ten years." 

For more information, you can read about their mission statement below and check out their website. If you are a full-time teacher that would like to mentor a potential teacher, the application is on the website. If you are a STEM professional considering a transition into teaching, you could check out the information and application online.

EnCorps' Mission
Our mission is to transition corporate professionals into second careers in education to help ensure that every child in a disadvantaged community receives an excellent math and science education.

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