Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Plasma Globes and Catalogue Covers!

Today I received Arbor Scientific's latest catalogue in the mail. An image from my plasma globe video was included on the cover. 

My article and video "Top Ten Demonstrations with the Plasma Globe" were published on the Arbor Scientific CoolStuff blog recently.

Do you need to be convinced to check out this video? One person, John, commented on my CoolStuff blog/video: "I had no idea that the plasma globe could be used for so many different things. The video format was really accessible. I would have never read and article about this but a 5 minutes video with clear explanations was perfect." Thanks, John!

On the Arbor YouTube Channel, below my video, a Belgian student named Robin commented that he will be trying one of the experiments from the video for a project in his science class. 

I am glad that the video is inspiring students and teachers around the world to use plasma globes in new ways to learn physics concepts. 


  1. Fabulous, James, thank you. The narrator says that you make the plasma follow your finger because your body gets polarized. Is that true, or does your body rather act as a ground for the alternating electric field, as the narrator says later in the video?

  2. To be grounded in an electric field is to get polarized.