Monday, September 2, 2013

All About Tuning Forks

Tuning forks--every physics teacher should have these tools in their repertoire. Above, you can see a tuning fork hitting water in slow motion. You could show this video at the beginning of class to "hook" students' interest before a lesson about vibration, fluid, or a lab involving tuning forks.

Tuning forks seem simple, but they can be used to teach many complex physics concepts. I won't repeat here what I have written about and talked about elsewhere, in articles and videos--just click on the link below.

Read "Ten Things You Should Do with a Tuning Fork"in the March 2013 edition of The Physics Teacher. Read the abstract below. 

This article was in the top ten downloaded articles for Feb 2013, when the article was released online before print release in March.

Tuning forks are wonderful tools for teaching physics. Every physics classroom should have several and every physics student should be taught how to use them. In this article, I highlight 10 enriching demonstrations that most teachers might not know, as well as provide tips to enhance the demonstrations teachers might already be doing. Some of these demonstrations have appeared in literature before, but this paper will serve as a collection of ideas that will be helpful for both the beginner and master teacher.

Stay tuned,because coming up, another video I created, as well as a blog entry, about top ten demos with tuning forks for Arbor Scientific.

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