Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things...Blogs

As a physics educator, I am always on the lookout for new, great ideas to improve my practice. I am always watching videos and reading blog entries and old and new science books.

Today I am going to share a few of my “favorite things”… some of my favorite physics blogs or blog entries.


This blog features videos, podcasts, and news from the physics world. Topics range from recent Nobel prize winners to Bill Nye’s appearance on Dancing with the Stars. Physics Central hosts video contests that I’ve entered as well, such as LaserFest and Toy Box Physics.

On this blog, award-winning online physics teacher Andrew Vanden Heuvel shares AP Physics lessons on topics ranging from pulleys to using the iPad to teach a waves lesson, integrating technology into lessons.

See below an "Explorer Story" the Google Glass video of Andrew Vanden Heuvel’s trip to CERN, the giant particle accelerator in Switzerland. He shared the journey live with a group of students using Google hangout and the video camera which showed all the he saw at CERN.

This blog, hosted by Kirk Robbins, science teacher and consultant, encourages science literary for everyone. He shares transformative science resources, which he defines as books, articles, websites, video clips, etc. that "can be used to support effective science teaching and learning for ALL kids… not just a few kids" and will be likely to change the way readers think about teaching and learning science.


Hosted by California Science teacher Dean Baird.  Includes links to physics songs, physics news, and more! Go to the sidebar and check out all of the labels from past posts; I was interested in gender equity, since my Master’s thesis was about effectively teaching physics so that it will appeal to young women.

If you are interested in technology integration in the physics classroom, check out this blog entry from Charlie Schofield at Edutopia. 
Reflections on the dynamics of teaching

Teacher Frank Noschese writes thoughtful and informative entries. He also links to useful resources, such as physics applets and animations. The blog is a lively community with responses to questions from readers and back-and-forth comments discussing posts.

Check out this link to his photo a day from the 180 Photo Project. What a cool idea! They are on Day 10 and you can follow throughout the year.

That is all for now. I will post more comments on the physics blogs I follow in the future. 

In addition, you can check out the Top 50 Science Teacher Blogs

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