Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Physics Blog Focuses on Videos

Another awesome blog that I didn't mention the other day is called The Best Physics Videos


As you would probably guess, I am very interested in this topic! The site includes animations, interviews, demonstrations, lectures, and documentaries. 

Recent posts include Star Classification, a Feather and a Coin in a vacuum demo, and a video about Pascal's Principle. Suggested videos are listed below the post, and the links along the side organize interesting videos by subject if you are researching something in particular for an upcoming lesson. For example, there are almost 300 posts related to Classical Mechanics. Videos are posted almost daily.

Some of the videos that I created at UCLA are featured on this blog as well. One video is about Rosalind Franklin and the X-ray Diffraction of DNA. My sister, Bonnie Lincoln, plays the part of Rosalind Franklin. 

Have you ever wondered how to measure the wavelength of laser light? I created this video as part of the UCLA Physics Videos project, with an audience of university students in mind, and many others can be seen here.  

Overall, I am proud to say that my videos are featured on the Best Physics Videos blog, so please go check out the blog and its latest posts!

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