Friday, September 27, 2013

Make Your Own Electric Field Demonstrator

To follow up on a recent post, I would like to include directions for teachers about how to create your very own Electric Field Demonstrator.

 Last winter, I gave a presentation on this topic at a Southern CA American Association of Physics Teachers meeting. The purpose of my presentation was the following: I have reviewed some of the methods surrounding the “Grass  Seeds in Mineral Oil” Electric Field Demonstration and am  advocating for a simpler, user-friendly, inexpensive method that  enables a more interactive and engaging demonstration. 

In the following ppt, I share the motivation for creating this demonstration, how to set up the demo, and teaching tips to make this demo easier for teachers to perform and share with students.

The following supplies are needed:

  • Lettuce Seeds (black, pointy)
  • Vegetable Oil (yellow, like amber)
  • Van de Graaff or Fun Fly Stick
  • Microscope Cam & LCD Projector
Once again, this video shows the outcome.

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