Friday, September 13, 2013

Announcing...Winner of Meggers Project Award!

Big news, I just found out that my video project has been awarded the Meggers Project Award by the American Institute of Physics. With the funds awarded, I will make 24 professional development videos highlighting interactive ways for physics teachers to teach physics! These videos will later be featured on the national website for the American Association of Physics Teachers

I have been making videos for the past few years, but this  support allows me to make more videos and up the quality of my videos.

Here is a bit more about the award (as quoted from the website): 

"The William F. and Edith R. Meggers Project Award of the American Institute of Physics is a biennial award designed to fund projects for the improvement of high-school physics teaching in the United States. The Award was made possible by an endowment created by the gift of a stamp and coin collection from William F. and Edith R. Meggers to the American Institute of Physics."

 Thank you very much, William F. Meggers! I am very excited and already hard at work on the first video.

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